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  1. I just downloaded the tekkit server and have been trying to connect to it. I'm able to start a vanilla server just fine but when I try to do the same on tekkit I have been getting many errors. Bad packet errors, connection aborted, protocol errors. I am running server 1.6.4, is this the correct version to go with tekkit?
  2. Hi all, All the elevator tutorials I've found out there have redpower2 or redpower frames to move the elevator up and down, is there a act-alike mod out there since these two are no longer included in the tekkit 1.5.2?
  3. Hi all, I played Tekkit probably about 6mo ago and back then it had industrial craft and all that, but I just tried to build some items from IC and notice that I wasn't able to, was this removed and what was replaced with it(if anything?)
  4. Yes that's fine, but the resolution within the game everything is huge(hearts, food, items, etc)
  5. Hi all, After coming from vanilla minecraft, I am used to having the resolution be higher than it currently is using TechnicLauncher, is there an option anywhere where you can change it? With minecraft, you could change it on the launch page prior to launching the game, is there something similar here? Thanks!
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