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  1. Hey Everyone, we are getting geared up and ready to open the doors in just a couple hours! During out open house we will be doing tours, meet and greets and events (as noted above) please make sure you check out the details of how to get on: http://www.bottlerocketgaming.com/forum/31
  2. Hey everyone! This weekend Bottle Rocket Gaming is hosting a Server Open House event. Jump on with us and take a tour of the world, see the builds and meet the BRGers that worked on them. Additionally, we will be doing events through out the day, including PvP matches in the brand new arena built by BigDamnArtist , Dungeon crawls through some of the graveyard tombs and will be fighting the enderdragon which we have not yet done on our server. Open house start Saturday around noon PST (-8 GMT), running till the late evening. We will be picking back up again on Sunday around noon and running till about 7pm. You can find all the details of the event over at http://www.bottlerocketgaming.com/forum/31. Bottle Rocket Gaming is a multi-game collective, but we are all pretty hooked on MineCraft. currently We host a white list modded MineCraft server running on a custom build modpack, host gaming events such as MoG and we are currently working a new mod pack for a new server slated for Jan. If you wan to know more about who we are you can check us out at www.bottlerocketgaming.com/about We’re very excited to open our doors and get a chance to meet new people and show what we’ve built! See you there!
  3. Hey Happy People! Bottle Rocket Gaming is currently hosting the MoG (Month of Gaming) event and This weekend (Sunday) we will be debuting a BRAND NEW PvP arena call the Kranky Kraft Labyrinth of DOOM!!! Well, ok I added the "of doom", but in my defense, I got to get a sneak peak test of it and I think "of doom" is very fitting. BACK GROUND: The Kanky Kraft Labyrinth arena started its life as a Collective Project on the survival based Kranky Kraft Server Members of KK all worked together to help build the rooms, and logic that would run this survival built beast. After the Kanky Kraft Server was retired, one of the members, BigDamnArtist, took on the project of updating the map with command block functionality and additional functions and features. ABOUT THE MAP: The Labyrinth, is a fully customizable multi player, multi team, multi function arena that can play 2 to 20 players on 2 to 4 teams and has two modes, PvP and CTF (with more to come). To add to all that, you also have a bevy of tweaks from traps and mob spawning to the gear and weapons players get each game. This Map is still being worked on but we would like to give it a good test with as many people as we can so we are extending the offer to the community here. If you would like to join us for the event, it will be starting Sunday (11/23) at noon PST (-8GMT) and running till the evening. PLEASE NOTE: We ask that anyone attending, please have a working mic and join our team speak channel. Details and how to connect are over at http://www.bottlerocketgaming.com/forum/section/9
  4. OK People. Its time to get ready for the Last weekend of MoG and Man oh Man are we going out on a high note! Saturday starts off with Missile Wars by SethBling and CubeHampster. Launch missiles and blow large holes in your enemies defenses. Or go all Dr. Strangelove and ride the missile right down their throats! Sunday we follow up with the Debut of the Brand New Kranky Kraft Labyrinth map. What started out as a survival built PvP arena by the Crew of the Kranky Kraft server has been updated by BigDamnArtist as a incredibly customizable PvP map with more tricks then a monkey with fez! MoG is a open server event intended for new media people to get together, network, and do co-labs. Anyone is welcome to join us for the event but we do request that you have a working headset/mic and that you join us on our team speak channel. You can find out all the details for getting connected at http://www.bottlerocketgaming.com/forum/topic/66 We would like to say thank you to Bottle Rocket Gaming for providing all of the services for out MoG event. you can find out more at www.bottlerocketgaming.com/about.
  5. HOLY COW!! The LAST MoG is THIS weekend!!!! Even if you have missed every other MoG so far, DON'T MISS THIS ONE! This weekend we are hosting Missile Wars by SelthBling and CubeHampster on Saturday and we follow that up on Sunday with the debut of the BRAND NEW Labyrinth PvP by our very own BigDamnArtist! Anyone is welcome to join, but we do ask that you have a working mic and headset so you can join us on teamspeak As always, you can find out all the details over at www.bottlerocketgaming.com/forums. See there!!!!
  6. Hey Everyone! With week three of our Month of Gaming We will be hosting a couple team events. We will start off on Saturday with a fun "classic" map called Cluster Chunk. The goal of this Team vs Team map is to break the other teams spawn bed, then pick off the players. The catch? you start the map in side of a "chunk" made up of just about every block in the game, oh, and that chunk is floating over the void. Gear up fast try and bridge to the other teams side to take them out! Sunday we are trying out a relatively new Game Bingo, Ever played it? Mine Craft Bingo does away with the silly ping pong balls and puts your fate in your own hands. Find, Craft, steal the items you need on your Bingo card before the others do. Play In teams or every man for him self. As always, we will be hosting two time slots; The first will be noon to 4pm PST and picking up again at 6pm through 10pm PST (-8GMT) You can find out more at http://www.bottlerocketgaming.com/forum. See you there!!!
  7. MoG TIME!!!!!! Hey Everybody, its time for week two of MoG! We are starting off this week end with one of two options for Saturday; if we get 7 people then we will be playing SethBlings The Building Game. If we are short people that we will be playing a RFW map called Wool Warfare by KROSE. We follow up on Sunday with SethBlings Pizza Spleef. The will be a tournament style game with the winner getting bragging rights and some perks on the BRG open house. If you want to know more, and join us for the fun, then come check out all the details over at http://www.bottlerocketgaming.com/forum/section/9
  8. Hey Everyone, don't forget that this weekend of MoG is going to be the building game and Pizza Spleef. The Building game is a very fixed 7 player game so we really need to get people to RSVP to make sure everyone gets a slot. if we can not pull enough people to play the Building game then we may do another round of hosted gaming somewhere like hypixel or play some more MineZ. Pizza Spleef is another fast paced game for a minimum of 2 or More people. We may do a competition tree for this event just for fun. SO if you would like to join us then please make sure to RSVP and I will add you to the list for the event! If you have not already done so, stop by http://www.bottlerocketgaming.com/forum/section/9 to find out more!
  9. Well, the first weekend of MoG has wrapped up and man was it a blast!! Day one was a full day of Super Craft Brothers which turned out to me a lot of fun from start to finish. Day two, we started off with few hours of Blocks vs Zombies and wiped the board a few times. We followed that up in the evening with a break out to the ShotBow server where we gathered together to play a little MineZ 2. Again, Thank you to everyone that joined for the event! We hope to see you next weekend for Week 2!
  10. MoG Day one if over... But Buck up, Day Two of MoG is starting soon! Coming join os for a day of Blocks vs Zombies! We will be hosting Blocks Vs Zombies Today at noon PST (-8 GMT) till 4pm and picking up again at 6PM untill 10pm. You can find out more over at http://www.bottlerocketgaming.com/forum/topic/65 See you there!
  11. M.o.G. Starts tomorrow!!! M.o.G. is just one day away. Get Ready! Get Set! and GO!!! to http://www.bottlerocketgaming.com/forum/topic/60 and get all the details. We hope to see you there!!!
  12. Heads up! just 5 more days between you and MoG! We are kicking of the first weekend of MoG with Super Craft Brothers on Saturday and following up with Blocks vs Zombies on Sunday. We will be hosting two windows for games, the first will be from noon to 4pm Pacific and again from 6pm to 10pm Pacific. In addition to the MoG mini-game events, Bottle Rocket Gaming is also hosting a TeamSpeak channel for MoG and a MoG event Group for chat, questions, and general Hello's (http://www.bottlerocketgaming.com/groups/6). For all the New Media people, BRG also hosts a New Media discussion group (http://www.bottlerocketgaming.com/groups/5). This is a great group for general questions and chatter on the topic of Media content creation, help, tips, tricks and networking! Due to these games having a 4 person per game cap, room may be limited. because of this, we are giving priority to people that RSVP on the MoG events page (www.BottleRocketGaming.com/events). If you have not already RSVPed then jump on over and take a few minutes to get your self signed up! If you have any questions, please let us know he or on the BRG web site! Notes and what not: This New Media Promotional event is being hosted by the Bottle Rocket Gaming Collective. We want to say thank you to the members of BRG for allowing us to host MoG on their server and for providing all the resources and support for this event. If you would like to find out more about the Bottle Rocket Gaming Collective, please visit them at http://www.bottlerocketgaming.com/About
  13. UPDATE: Missile Wars Hey Everyone, We are adding the brand new Missile Wars to the MoG line up. If you have not seen this new map by SethBling and CubeHampster then i highly recommend you check it out! >
  14. Hey all!, Just a quick update, We have changed up the MoG line up just a little and have released news on a new PVP map that is going to debut at the M.o.G. event!. Updated event list is below, full details on the event and the new map can be found on the even page at: http://www.bottlerocketgaming.com/forum/topic/60 Nov. 1st: Super Craft Brothers Nov. 2nd: Blocks vs. Zombies Nov. 8th: The Building Game Nov. 9th: Pizza Spleef Nov. 15th: Cluster Chunk PvP *update* Nov. 16th: MineCraft Bingo Nov. 22nd: HighPixel & Play MindCrack Server Games Nov. 23rd: FIRST LOOK: KrankyKraft Labyrinth Arena PVP Nov. 29th & 30th: Bottle Rocket Gaming Open House Hope to see you all there =)
  15. Welcome to the First New Media Meet & Greet Hosted by Bottle Rocket Gaming. This Meet & Greet is an opportunity for New Media Content Creators to get together for Co-Labs, New Media how-to chat, and other social networking. We are kicking off this New Media event with MoG! WHAT: MoG! (Month of Gaming!) Starting Nov 1st and running for the month, BRG will be hosting game events for all BRGers and guests every weekend. The events will be a variety of Minigames hosted on the new BRG server, followed by some meet-ups on the HiPixel and Play-MindCrack servers. Finally, we will be following up the close of MoG with our first BRG Open House. This will be a opportunity for new people to join us on the server, take a tour and meet with BRGers in game! WHEN: Nov. 1st: Super Craft Brothers Nov. 2nd: Blocks vs. Zombies Nov. 8th: The Building Game Nov. 9th: Pizza Spleef Nov. 15th: Temple Defender Nov. 16th: MineCraft Bingo Nov. 22nd: TBA (Possible First look at a new Game map) Nov. 23rd: HighPixel & Play MindCrack Server Games Nov. 29th & 30th: Bottle Rocket Gaming Open House WHERE: BRG will be setting up a new server to host the new games and the open house. Address and download details coming soon! As host of this event, Bottle Rocket Gaming will provide all resources for the New Media Meet & Greet and MoG, including a TeamSpeak Channel, Forums, Events page and New Media discussion group. So the only thing left to do is to get signed up to stay in the loop on the upcoming events, conversations, and news! Cheers WarpedJester Co-Fonder of Bottle Rocket Gaming and general rabble-rouser
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