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  1. Me and my five friends have all been playing on the same game through lan thanks to hamachi. Our one friend was the one who found a tutorial on how to do it and he set everything up. Since he has the fastest connection we all connect to him, even our friend from Arizona connects with us with no problem at all.
  2. Hey thanks for the feedback, really helped me out today since I had a hard day at work. Planning on putting a new episode up tomorrow.
  3. Hey there everyone its genesisofthewind or as my account says here Genesis28. I am making this new topic to introduce you all to my new let's play series (although to be far there are a few other videos up there and one other let's play I am working on the minecraft one seems to be my best so far.) So let's talk a little about me shall we. I am a film major in college so editing and recording are no problem for me and I update as often as is possible with my wacky schedule. My dream is to be able to live off making videos and having a comic series but that is a conversation for another day. I
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