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  1. Moderator Application (copy and paste) -------------------------------------------- Minecraft Username: Mastercrafter071 Have you played Hexxit prior to joining us: Yes I am quite skillful in Hexxit What country do you live in: I live in the United States Age: 14 Do you have a microphone: No Have you ever had staff positions before: Yes, I currently am an admin on a vanilla server What would you do in the event of a spammer: If possible, /mute (playername) after a few suggestions of halting their spamming. What would you do in the event of someone advertising a server: I again would use /mute if possible, or I would 5-day temp-ban. How often do you play: I can be on two weekends out of a three weekend period (until sometime next fall, I will be on more). Tell us why you should be made a moderator: I would like to be a moderator because I am a skilled player and I like to use multiplayer for building helpful structures, and creating teams to conquer the more powerful Hexxit dungeons/ structures.