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  1. Ok well thanks. But I used McEdit and All, theres a certain area where the lag occurs. I even tried regenrating the region with worldedit, nothing. I don't really mind so just don't bother replying anymore.
  2. And please note that the world broke, before I messed with any files.
  3. No, you underestimate me. I was not comparing the files to normal minecraft worlds, I was comparing them to other Tekkit worlds. This file keeps generating itself when I try to run the world. I did not delete any files that I had before this happened. I am not deleting the files cause I can't read them. I am deleting them because they generate themself, and I have never seen anything like it before. My world has been corrupted, and is generating files that I have never heard of or seen before. I have tried searching the internet, but I could not find ANY results that had anything to do with this folder I am seeing. I'll figure it out. Thanks for your help.
  4. Also, in the file called fmap.dat the ONLY text, which has a large scroll down option, is full of this character "ΓΏ". Node1.dat and Node2.dat are empty.
  5. Title: Help no Idea What To Title Version: 3.1.3 OS: windows7 professional Java Version: java 7 Description of Problem: Well, my friend and I have been playing on our tekkit classic multiplayer world for quite some time. We have several power flowers, teraformers, and lots of stacks of diamonds. Anyway, I recently made a sorting system, it is a little laggy but nothing my server couldn't handle. I didn't have any problems with it. Anyway, so one day when I joined, I got an EXTRAORDINARY amount of lag, that didn't happen when I wasn't on the server. I thought it was my tekkit, so I reset the launcher, nothing. I reset the server, nothing. I try importing the world with multiverse, it works fine because I'm at the spawn thousands of blocks away from my build. As I make my way back, it gets laggier and laggier. I'm about 10 blocks away now and the extreme lag is starting. It's pretty clear that it's the world by now, and something near our builds. I looked in the folder, there were some weird files. Like even when I delete it, a file called DIMnull is generated. In DIMnull, RedstoneEther is generated. In RedstoneEthel, fmap.dat, node1.dat, and node2.dat is there. I think that something with DIMnull is causing this problem because all the other weird files I deleted (ones that weren't in a normal world's folder) don't get regenerated whenever I run it. Even on singleplayer. I HAVE NO IDEA what this is! Anyone that has help please respond! Error Messages: None Error Log: None