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  1. I am actually quite good with the turtle programming, I do it a lot on singleplayer.
  2. that's more lke the kind of civilized response that more people on this forum should give: polite correction and then a suggestion.
  3. I'm honestly not ooking for scorn here so if someone could politely point me in the direction of the "stickies" then that would be really nice.
  4. I don;t deny that I am a complete noob and idiot when it comes to this. thanks
  5. computercraft? sure, it sounds great. but when you try to load a mining turtle to excavate faster and cheaper than a quarry and find as assy error message then you get angry. it says that it can't find some file that it needs to run the programs, and i need to find that file or use quarries. preferably the first. how do i do it?
  6. well, actually, I fill my water balloons with WATER. and tekkit is selected, i made sure of that.
  7. ok so i tried most things though. I also rooted around on the 'net and found nothing.
  8. I have a tekkit server for me and a few of my freinds. One day I started it up and tried to get on and it says You are missing the following mods: mod_forestry1.2.6.4 mod_IC2 v1.70 mod_RailcraftFactory3.3.1 mod_RailcraftExtras 3.3.1 ...etc. Yes, I have tried everything. Help!