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  1. IP ee.minemanija.Net MineManija.NET - This modification Tekkit Classic server RPG genre server is waiting for you - the players! Server created four months depending on all eight members of the team experience has been focused in many years Played Total Tekkit Classic Mods and taking into account existent MineManija.NET Tekkit Classic design errors introduced. Server online you will find all the useful information so do not need to bother looking, you will be surprised by the impressive Spawn shop on the second floor and in adjacent squares events. Powered by playing an active, you'll get quite a few surprises and with events which you are prepared server from Moderators and Administrators. Also do not forget to participate in our forum MineManija.NET! We look forward to your arrival in a new MineManija.NET server and wish you a good game! Rules: - No Grief - No Adventise - No Spam Mods removed: No one mod remove Banned Items: - Tank cart - Nuke - DM pidestal - Rm furnace - Dm Rm Hoe Plugins: Craft book DisableCraft Essentials PlotMe McMyAdmin Citizens Lockette Spawn Foto