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  1. Its not my Anti Virus, I still havent got a clue, running out of options any other ideas?
  2. Yep, Ive been on hosted server and my friends server and its all the same, falling through the earth with crazy ms and nothing opening, Dont know what to do.
  3. Title: Cant Load Chunks on Multiplayer World Version: 3.1.2 OS: AMD A6 - 3670 with Radeon HD 6570 Graphics Card Java Version: 7 update 45 Description of Problem: Every time I try to log into a multilayer tekkit server, I have crazy MS, non of the chunks will render or even load, sometimes I will be stood on about a 10x10 block of chunks which have loaded, but the minimap doesnt show to have loaded the rest of the world I cant access any of the equipment and tools around me and Theres just an endless void of space at the edge of this 10x10 chunk, other times I will just continuously fall
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