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  1. We have now a Co-Owner on the server. He is playing since near the begining, was a awesome staff. Cold_blu_ice Have been choosed by the community 2 weeks ago and since now all players are very happy about what he is doing on the server.
  2. With our growing community, i can't handle all the servers myself, its why i choosed Co-Owner for each server. The choosed one is trusted, loyal and have good knowledge how to run a server. Cold_blu_ice have been choosed to be the Co-Owner. I wish him good luck
  3. A new secret path with 5 ranks have been added. The Odin path... is a little bit more powerfull and can get if you find out the secret room in spawn world. Good luck
  4. A new server owner will be set soon. With the community growing fast, i wont be able to manage all servers myself. So i am choosing loyal staff to represent me on the server. Don't worry they gona do a great job.
  5. We have a new Coder, HDeffo joined the coder team yesterday. Already fixed 3 banned items and about to fix more soon for you guys
  6. The players shops have been modified, the small plots have been enlarged a bit, and walls is now cleared so players can build there own building.
  7. A new feature is curently in construction, something new and very original that ive never seen on any other server. Prepare yourself
  8. A new system for chisel will be finished this week end, HDeffo and Terminator_NL worked on it for many days. It will use CC program to be able to trade basic chisel blocks in any choosen chisel blocs.
  9. Its isnt normal mmmm, does it crash only with our server or its all TPPI servers you try? Can you give me your crash report please so i may know what is hapenning.
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