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  1. omg I have a sick graphics card. i can run my post beffor you comment please.I WANT TO GET IT TO WORK WITH OPTIFINE like in yogcast videos.. someone give me good advise please. peace.
  2. i have no problems running optifine it runs flawlesly on my pc. i just want to no how to get it working with the shaders like in the yogcast videos. i tryd following a video tutorial showing how to do it on youtube and it did not work. please help.
  3. im at a loss and need help. i have tryd searchin online for an answer but have failed to find im hoping the comunity can help me with my problem. how do i get the shaders to work with optifine and moonquest? things I done. installed Technic launcher added the moonquest-yogscast-inspired url to technic launcher. run technic launcher in beta mode and run moonquest first time. copy and pasted the shader files to the shader pack folder in the .technic\modpacks\moonquest-yogscast-inspired\shaderpacks directory. tryd deleting Optfine_1.6.4_HD_U_C6 in the mod directory with the updated version C8 on the optfine homepage. but when i do this moonquest just crashes back to the laouncher with no error message and trying to enable the shaders in the options menu in moonquest dose nothing.I see them in the list but clicking them dosent change anything. i have only manged to get them working by deleting Optifine. but i would like to get both mods working. please help. thanks.