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  1. Age: 14 IGN: tjcjdm (I was on b4 update) Why do I want to play on this server? Well I have made lots of friends while waiting on the vanilla server with others. And I love tekkit. What do I plan to build? Well, that seems to be a very hard question, now that the sky is no longer the limit. Most likely I will end up in a town, or with my own town, and I shall take to the stars. I will build outposts and space stations, and houses. I love to learn new things, so I will keep learning more about tekkit and start making more automatic things.
  2. Okay, I will say it again... LOOK AT THE SERVER SITE...the owner CLEARLY stated that the server is CLOSED to the public for now. If you look around at the forums on the site, you can also see that the old whitelist will be moved to the new server AFTER they are done FIXING it. Also, the owner JUST posted at the top of this page, applications are closed, so please don't be crying about how long it is taking for them to accept your application.(because I know you guys will) Here is the link to the server site. Again. http://www.minervasrealm.com/home P.S. If I offended anybody, they probably deserved it. And whats up with all the people quoting the server info?
  3. Okay, so, don't mean to be rude, but, all of you guys with white list issues... did you try looking at the actual site for the server? http://www.minervasrealm.com/home They reset the server for an update, EVERYTHING is wiped, NO EXCEPTIONS (except stuff you bought at donor shop, to my understanding). Right now, only a few people are white listed as they are doing tests. When the tests are done, they will restore everybody else to the white list.
  4. Age: 14 IGN: tjcjdm Why Join: Been looking for a good "new" tekkit server. Only reason I am finding a new server is tekkit classic is getting to old. I will miss the red matter tho. xD What to Build: I like to build factories and automated things. I usually end up with a castle or two. And well, since the sky is no longer the limit, I guess a space station would be cool. xD
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