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  1. Is anyone checking here for whitelist apps? I'm really interested in this server. If so please whitelist Sorkijan and I. Reply 68 and 69 are our apps if that helps.
  2. In-game name: nolyak Age: 32 Time spent playing modded Minecraft: About a year and a half. Reason I want to join: Looking for a good Tekkit server with no grief for myself and a friend. I have played Tekkit Lite quite a bit but have not tried this version yet.
  3. Age: 32 as of today XD In game name: Nolyak Location in USA: Kansas Reason why you want to join: I would like to try out this version of Tekkit (Played lite quite a bit) with a smaller mature community. A little about your self: I'm a stay at home dad, with a daughter that is almost 3. I have played MC, Tekkit Classic, and Tekkit Lite off and on for about a year. Previous Servers: I played Tekkit Lite on a friends server, it has since been shutdown. Recently have been playing vanilla MC on LucidCraft. An Image of Previous Works: Don't have any available right now. I usually build with sorkijan who is applying as well. I think he was able to dig up some screenshots. Just want to add that in the SS and videos Sorkijan posted our build was no where near complete. We were covering over the quarry holes with turtles, and our filtering system was expanded to include autocrafting blocks before going to storage as well as a solar panel factory that used only UU matter.
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