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  1. No problem, I'll look into coolant systems. You might want to try what I find.
  2. I'll see what I can work out. I'll post the outcome, for anyone else who cares to know. If I can find a way, it will be an entirely automatic reactor requiring no monitoring or maintenance.
  3. Well I mean I can change the cooling set up so long as I don't lose too much power output. Would the cooling unit be enough to handle an entire reactor full of uranium cells?
  4. I have it at the default. It really doesn't consume enough ice to need .2 so you can do anything 2 seconds or lower, since it draws full stacks. I don't have an overflow condensor set up at the moment, though I may do so. The one I have on my survival map takes the excess EMC from the unused ice and makes a chain of increasingly larger EMC items to prevent any one condensor filling up. I can route all of the overflow from my cell production and ice production like that. The used cells are hooked up to a recycler and then a mass fabricator, both powered by the reactors so as to not waste the
  5. I had mine almost full, with 5 slots in the bottom of each reactor inventory filled with ice stacks for cooling. That alone keeps each reactor down below 250 degrees while running at full potential.
  6. So all of the slots inside the reactor are filled with uranium cells?
  7. My reactor is cooled fine, and outputs more power than I can possibly use. My problem is more of a redstone mechanics problem, I think.
  8. I have 4 condensors around a single mk III collector, with 4 full reactors surrounding it. The ice is pulled from the condensors a stack at a time with a filter so as to not require power, and all 4 filters are activated at the same time with a single timer. There are only 2 lengths of tube between each condensor and reactor.
  9. It makes sense, but as soon as the space is empty it gets refilled because my uranium cell producer is in an adjacent building whereas the ice is being pumped in almost directly.
  10. It keeps telling me I have a bad login.
  11. The second video isn't loading for me for whatever reason.
  12. Hello fellow Tekkit users! Boo here. I started building a nuclear power plant last night in creative, and so far it's looking nice. It's also almost entirely self-sustained. Almost. The trouble I'm having is that I'm feeding ice stacks into each reactor to keep it cool, but in order to sustain the reactor without needing to manually add in more uranium cells and take out old ones, I have to pump the old cells out and the new ones in. However, once the space is free, the ice wants to pump into that spot. Is there any set up, complicated or not, in which I can keep pumping ice into a react
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