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  1. IP: Rules-------------------------------------------------------- 1.Respect the admins 2.keep all cursing to a min 3.pvp is allowed 4.grifeing is allowd hacks 6. have fun Plugins-------------------------------------------------------- 1.Essentials 2.Essentials Chat 3.Essentials Group Manager 4.Essentials Spawn edit 6.World Guard Hardware specs----------------------------------------------------- 24 gb of ram intel i5
  2. we are haveing issues with the server we are sorry for the delay to join the server
  3. ip: plugins 1.Clearlag 2.PermissionEx 3.SafeCreeper 4.WorldEdit 5.WorldGuard 6.ChestShop 7.Kits 8.ChatManager 9.Factions 10.BOSEconomy ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- rules spaming 2.keep all cursing to a min hacks no xray 4.grifeing and raiding is allowed 5.dont ask for staff banned iteams or mods welcome to Ghost Voltz its a big free for all join in have fun join the teamspeak ip: