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  1. What are the options for Bukkit style server side plugins for Minecraft version 1.7.10 since Bukkit and Cauldron are both dead? Would love to hear what others server owners are doing. Thanks,
  2. I just updated the pack to include the following; BiblioCraft BiblioWoods Immibis MicroBlocks Power Converters
  3. Upon investigation, I determined that there is really nothing in Red Power 2 that isn't provided via the other mods that are already available and Red Power 2 no longer appears to be supported by the author. That being said, I have opted to not try to add it to the pack.
  4. I will investigate the possibilities of adding red power 2 to the mod pack
  5. Should be back up now or in just a few minutes. Not yet sure what happened. I am still at work, but having someone restart it.
  6. Technic Platform Page: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/new-hope.381695 Server IP: Server Rules: Work cooperatively. Have fun Respect others No Griefing Description: This is a custom mod pack that I have been working on. I have setup this server as a way to test it, and build a community of players who can enjoy playing together. The server uses Cauldron, and has a number of plugins associated with it as well for additional management of the server. Expected Uptime: 24/7 Server Birthday: 6/28/2014 Major Mods: Applied Energist
  7. Is there any way in the B-Team modpack to use the steam turbine? I can't find a way to produce steam to pump into it.
  8. Waila also says that the Barley crop also a "White Redstone Lamp".
  9. When looking at a planted cotton crop, waila tells me that it is a "White Redstone Lamp".
  10. The recipe for the Food Plus knife actually makes a chisel, and therefore you can not make the Food Plus worktable which requires the knife.
  11. Still looking for new players. Come join us and get in at the beginning!
  12. Download: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/airesonpack.243342 IP: Rules: Strictly PvE Foul language will not be tolerated Keep overworld "pretty", no eye sores such as single block towers Griefing will not be tolerated and will result in bans. I setup this mod pack with what I consider to be the best of the best in terms of mods. It is heavily technology based, but there is some magic as well. Looking to build a community that enjoys playing together and helps each other. The server has several levels of access for players, moderators, and admins.
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