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  1. Thanks for your help, Jaari, but I found a fix. To all others who are having this problem, open up task manager, open up Technic Launcher and ONLY the launcher. In task manager, go to the processes tab, find "javaw.exe", right click, find "Set Priority >" and set it to High. This worked for me ( Windows 7, HP G355 ).
  2. You say that, but even changing RAM allocation limits to varying amounts ( .5 GB all the way to max, 3.5 GB ) still fails to launch the game. The pack requires a min 2GB to launch, yet won't launch even when set to 2 GB. It still runs fine on 32-bit Java, mind you. EDIT: This also applies to any modpack I have installed
  3. http://paste.ubuntu.com/17772578/ Above ^ is the log from when I've been having this issue. Modpacks will download and install just fine, but the instant I try to run one on the latest 64-bit Java version it doesn't even open the Minecraft window. The launcher flashes, then is still. However, when using a 32-bit Java, it runs perfectly fine. What caught my eye is line 15893 in the log, and around there as well. I have over the required RAM to run Blightfall, so why does it crash almost instantly? Also, I got the modpack to work in the beginning by completely removing Technic and all the modpacks I had installed ( RIP Tekkit Classic and Big Dig ), as well as all Java versions I had, adn reinstalling that too. Thoughts?
  4. Just like to say, this "Easy" guide is ridonkulous. Yeah, you need the MVC, but go here, you guys. http://forums.yogscast.com/showthread.php?46534-mod-hack-slash-mine!-(magical-loot-system-randomized-dungeons-and-more!!! A friend and I spent quite a while finding USEFUL information. So, please, for the love of punching puppies, follow these here directions and save yourself.
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