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  1. Working on it. On another note, this same thing also happens with the ATLauncher, and the Asterion Launcher. So I think it is a Java error.
  2. You guys do use Java 7 for the launcher, right? If so, shouldn't it should work fine? Or maybe you could just make Build 383 available for Java 6, too?
  3. Launcher Version: The Latest One Operating System: Mac OS X Version 10.8.5 Java Version: Java 7 Antivirus Program: n/a Description of Problem: When I open the Technic Launcher, it says that I need to install Java SE 6, when I have Java 7. I think it's a big problem, because your Technic Launcher Download Page says it uses Java, but not what version. If you could upgrade the Technic Launcher to Java 7, or fix this bug, that'd be great! Error Messages: "To open JavaApplication, you need a Java SE 6 runtime. Would you like to install one now?" Error Log: n
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