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  1. ----------===============Welcome To HiTec Factions===============---------- Here at HiTec we aim to give you the best experience possible and reward people for what they do on the server. This server was created after I realized I missed owning a server and wanted to open one up again and help all the players who want to have fun and enjoy the game with as least lag as possible and not very many banned items. This is why we only ban items that can cause the server lag and not items that can be used for duping because we believe that we should not punish the rest of you just because a select few people want to abuse bugs. We are still improving as every server should, adding and improving kits plugins staff members and more. We would like to welcome all types of players and hope that everyone could have a good time. We have a few things like spawn parkour to do to win minor prizes but we concentrate mainly on our factions experience. Connection & Server Information -----============================----- IP: HiTec.nn.pe Http://HiTec.enjin.com We are a UK based server that is hosted in Germany but so far we have had no connection complaints at all. We speak English on the server in main chat but anyone can join. You can log in and play with no problems but apply in the thread for extras (see bottom) Our server is 24/7 and any crashes will be fixed as soon as possible, no server is perfect. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ================================================== Rules -----=====----- No Hacking At All This means no auto tool no speed hacking no pvp hacking. Insta-Ban No Spamming No excessive use of caps or repetitive messages. Mute, Mute, Kick, Ban No Advertising No posting of other server names or ip's in chat or private message. IP-Ban No Duplicating No Obtaining of items through a glitch or bug. Ban No Racism No Racist comments in chat or in private message Ban No Homophobia No Homophobia comments in chat or in private message Ban ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ======================================= Restricted Items -----=============----- Chunkloaders Disabled for everyone Mystcraft The Mystcraft books have had crafting disabled but can still be found in specially spawned dungeons! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ======================================= Gallery -----============----- ---Spawn--- We are quite proud of our spawn, it has taken us some time to build which it has separate inventories to the factions world to prevent griefing. this is why you should never spawn kits or vote in this world otherwise you will have to ask a staff member to transfer your items to the factions world! ---Factions World--- Nothing fancy, People are bound to try to grief this and we would hate to have to ban anyone! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ================================================== Features ----------==========---------- Plugins And Example Commands Essentials - /sethome /home /warp /help /kit -----=====Essentials adds all the essentials! You would never have guessed, this lets you request to teleport to your friends, recieve kits Factions - /f create /f claim /f ally /f invite -----=====Factions can be used to protect you land, help other factions and enemy others. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ==================================================== Member+ ========------- By gaining Member+ is shows you like the server and want to let others know about it. By doing this you will receive an extra /home as a reward. Not much to some but it can make a whole load of difference to others. You also get another kit! /kit MemberPlus, this will make a load of difference to most people, it contains basic supplies like iron tools coal and wood along with food. NOTE: You can still play without being Member+ but this shows your support and love for the server if you dont want to donate. How to rank to this: All you need to post below is your username and why you like the server and why you would reccoment it to other players. EG. IGN: durk1010 I like this server because the players are nice and the staff are helpful. It is really great and i reccomend joining this server if your up for a good time!