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  1. Ahh, hi, actually sortof sorted it out, apparently I needed to make a server files version of the pack and upload that, but what I instead did, was install the 1.7.10 pack to the server, then add the mods to the server, and have added the mods to my 1.7.10 client and had my friends do the same, and it works \o/ Should've done it like that in the first place tbh, but oh well. Anyhow, the mods I added were: - ars magica + an animation api mod for it. - thaumic warden - minions mod - archimedes ships - oceancraft - Thaumaturgical knowledge - zombie awareness - falling meteors - chococraft - fairy lights - how to train your dragon Hopefully wont have anymore problems haha
  2. Ok, so the pack works, and now Ive been trying to get it onto a new server me and a friend have, I did post a new thread on the "server swap shop" forum but nobody is answering, and it seems people are answering server questions here. Can't get my server to start with the new pack on it Don't really wanna make another thread so can anyone help with this:
  3. Hi, so me and my friends, edited an existing pack (1.7.10 pack) to have a few extra mods in we wanted to play with, and we're trying to get it onto a new server. However the server is giving me "a fault is preventing the server from starting" on mcadmin. When I checked the console, it was telling me that libraries were missing, so I followed a video guide on Youtube which basically said, download the forge installer, run it to install server files, put them to a random folder, then zip the "libraries" folder and upload it to the server - then unzip. Which Ive done, Still getting the "fault is preventing" error on mcadmin though but with a long string of console information which I don't understand seen here - http://pastebin.com/v1ixpE6E Also there's an image of our server files/folders attached - in case, something is missing that you clever people can spot. Cheers in advance guys, hopefully someone can help
  4. yeah, oddly, its started working, leaves me wondering if it just takes time to I dunno register the link or something. However, just hitting share then copying the link doesnt give you the direct link, the only way I got the direct link was by editing the link to the "usercontent" link in my original post. But, like I said, oddly its started working all of a sudden haha, went bed, not working, got up, working... weird. I think I know what you're doing wrong, cause I did the same thing, youve made a folder, then put your bin/config/coremods/mods folder into it yes ? then zipped that folder. Which is wrong, go into the folder youve made then you directly zip the bin/config/coremods/mods folders, so when you look at the zip file in say winrar, you see those folders.
  5. Hi. So me and two mates have a private server running the 1.7.10 pack, and we decided that in the new year we are gonna make a new world, with the same pack, but also decided to add some extra mods to the pack that we also want to play with and delete some of the mods we don't care for. So Ive spent about 3 hours or so adding several mods and testing the game to make sure it works. copied the bin, config, coremods, mods folders to another location and zipped them - double checked its in a zip folder not a rar folder. Uploaded the zip to drop box and created a new mod pack here on technic and attempted to install it to my launcher. Getting this as an error message: Error unzipping a file for the following pack: zibs custom pack Attempting to extract file zibs-custom-pack-1.0.zip, but it did not exist. Double, triple and quadruple checked the download link is correct - since the standard share link isnt a direct link and you have to change it to - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com Don't really know how to proceed from here
  6. I currently run a small 3 person server on the 1.7.10 pack with 3gb of ram, unlimited slots. Had the server up for a while, but it seems to be laggy now (I blame my mate who wants 4 minefactory laser drills and enough big reactor - reactors to run them xD) According to mcmyadmin the ram is running on average at something like 80% rarely dipping below 70%, and usually when we go to login its at 100% ram use, so we usually restart. Anyhow, I've been thinking about us making a new world lately, since we added his cousin who is new to mods and is a bit overwhelmed by everything. But I am wondering in peoples experience, is it better to run a server off ram limit, or off slot limit ? I am aware ofc that there is no such thing as unlimited ram. So like, running on I think the minimum slots limit is 4 slots. I run on roxservers. cheers.
  7. I couldn't suggest anything specific, but obviously magical mods would be the way to go, and maybe custom mobs and the like... I would definitely say a pack that adds extra dimensions, perhaps twilight forest for example ? Sounds like a cool idea.
  8. Ahh yeah, I did, main reason I didn't like sphax is I have built a base underwater out of glass since we can morph, and the sphax water texture means you cant really see out of the base. Since found one called John smith legacy, which I am really liking now.
  9. Hi, playing the 1.7.10 pack with a mate atm, not been on for a while, Fancy adding a resource pack or shaders to improve the graphics. There's only 2 resource packs that I know of, one is sphax, the other being unity, tried them both, unity, didnt really notice anything different, sphax I cant say I'm a fan. Are there any other resource packs out there that work with that modpack. Or how does one get shader packs to work and are there any that work with that modpack ? Cheers
  10. ‚Äč ofc, I didn't expect a wasteland to be exciting, I thought it would keep my interest, but I got bored of playing it quickly
  11. Hi guys, I used to play attack of the b team with my mate, we stopped playing a little while ago and I am looking for a new modpack I used to play a little tekkit before playing b team, so looking for a tekkit style I want to get into galacticraft, and I love tinkers construct, enjoyed the dinosaur stuff, loved steves carts, biomes o plenty I've tried steves galaxy, but the wasteland feel got a bit boring quickly, tekkit doesn't have biomes o plenty, tinker's construct, or the dinosaur mod. Tried tekkify, but it was missing the galaxy stuff I think. Anyone recommend a modpack (that works haha)
  12. So its my understanding that the lx/ly/lz and r upgrades can improve the speed of an inventory system, Ive made the chips but what do I do with them now ? Been browsing google for about 20 minutes and cant see anything that explains them specifically - just basic tutorials on the transport system cheers.
  13. so anyone done any lets play stuff of this yet ? Want something new to watch
  14. ... ahh, I'm so stupid, I should use a hopper in front of it to collect loot and unplug the duct from the back haha
  15. Hey, Anyone ever have an issue where you place a sword in the inventory, and it automatically leaves via itemducts ? basically I am doing a wither skeleton spawner, and decided to use the auto activator instead of a grinder, so I can put a cleaver in there and acquire wither heads. I have an itemduct attached to the back of the activator, with a servo plugged in, and Ive even blacklisted the cleaver, and yet, well at first before blacklisting the cleaver it was just disappearing out into the pipes and into a chest eventually, however now Ive blacklisted it, its staying until it kills a skeleton, then it leaves the inventory
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