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  1. Wecome to Present LestCraft Tekkit Classic: IP: Slots: 30 WhiteList: No BannedItems: Yes Online: 24/7 Forum: www.lestcraft.xaa.pl BannedItems: All TNT Chest Cart Anchor Cart Deployer Evertide Amulet Infernal Armor Abyss Helmet Catalytic Lens Gravity Greaves Ring of Ignition Void Ring Mercurial Eye Ring of Arcana Watch of Flowing Time Volcanite Amulet Tank Cart World Anchor Work Cart DM Pedestal Cannon Duplicator Staff: Orzech5543
  2. Just like in the topic. How does it block ? !
  3. Servers IP: s9.mine24.pl:40226 or Host: 24/7 Owner: Orzech5543 and Suchy89pl Server's Rules: 1. Do not grief, loot, or raid. 2. Do not hack, cheat, dupe, or exploit tekkit bugs. 3. Do not spam. 4. Do not harass others. These rules are constantly being modified and added to. You are responsible for staying up to date with the latest set of rules. Banned Items: Industrial TNT TNT Cart Musket Musket With Bayonet Crossbow Blunderbuss Red Matter Tools Dark Matter Tools Ring of Ignition Ring of Arcana Collector MK3 Unlock-Donate Relay MK3 Unlock-Donate DescriptiveBook[LOGGED] Catalytic Lens Evertide Amulet DM Pedestal Destruction Catalyst MiningLaser MiniumStone Blocked Items: Cannon Infernal Armor Set Catalytic Lens Volcanite Amulet Dynamite StickyDynamite Dynamite Plugins: PermissionsEx AZRank NoLagg ClearLag Tekkit Customizer SimpleRestart SimpleHat Essentials Anti-Cheat Application Form: What is your In Game Name? * How old are you? - You don't have to answer this if you choose not to. What time zone are you in? * How many bans do you have on record? * If you have bans on record, why where they issued? What is your Tekkit experience? * Why are you interested in joining SilliTekkit? * Do you know anyone currently playing on this server? * If you know people currently playing on this server, what are their In Game Names?