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  1. Thanks aterruit i appriciate it! We just have some temporary problems with some plugins but my developers are working on
  2. Our Spawn! About RastaEmpire: A Europe Attack Of The B team server running since Release. We are running a fully dedicated server, a 12 core CPU and lots of RAM. The server is optimized to make a full use of all the 12 cores, this means we run 20 ticks at most of the time. The server is running a great up-time because we have crash detectors who restart the server instantly after a crash. FEATURES: No MapResets No Lag, we run 20 ticks. Great Staff, we choose the best players for our staff! Factions Griefing allowed. Raiding Allowed. Creative Plot World Mini Games! Minion
  3. Yes duping is allowed also sorry im a swede and my english spelling isnt the best
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