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  1. I am 100% sure it was Silli because earlier he did the same thing and disguised himself as me. I don't know the command he did to do it though. Thats all I have to say, it couldn't have been anybody else except him. Silli was just joking around though.
  2. ~*ConstipatedWhale*~ Ban Appeal I wasn't on Sillicraft server for very long, maybe less then three days infact, but the short time I was on SilliCraft was a very pleasant experience. Everyone was kind and it was a closely-knit community, even if Silli was constantly attacking everyone. I was having a good time making my base legit until an.... accident and then after that I went out with a lot of plans to build stuff around the server which I would like to accomplish. I'm going to have a hard time finding another nice server like this one, which is a process that I would rather avoid. I think I made some new friends on this server, and I'd love to play with them again. I confident Silli knows I was wrongfully accused of saying anything offensive to Ait, so hopefully that within itself will be enough for him to consider unbanning me. Even if I was wrongfully accused, I want to apologize to ait if he took any offense to anything that he thought I said and I hope he will forgive me.
  3. WHAT. I even said in the chat I was going to wait and see what Silli was going to make say. Check the logs or the IP or something, and you will see that it was not me that said those things. I don't know if you saw it even before that, but Silli disguised himself as me and started saying stuff that I would never say. There were even witness' there at the time, that if they wanted to come forward they would support that statement. I don't even know you or how you look in real life, and you were a nice person the times I did talk to you on the server, so there is no reason for me saying any of those things. If you want me to apologize for something I DIDN'T DO I will, but I hope you will come understand that it wasn't me.
  4. First of all I wasn't blaming Silli for banning me, I was asking him why I was banned, which you cannot blame me for asking, considering he is the owner of the server. And if you were there, which I actually guessed that you were, you saw that was Silli saying those things.
  5. But I didn't disrespect him..? I just made a friendly joke that made no harm or effect... and if you think that was me saying "faggot" and "n*gger" and all those things that was just Silli disguised as me.
  6. Bad!! But I didn't do anything!! I made a joke about a nuke and his boat but I obviously wasn't going to do anything about it.... come on Silli, you know I don't do stuff like that.
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