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  1. Greetings and Welcome to Hexxit Skyblock NOTE: This post is a copy from the one located here: Please use that link when posting all comments and questions. This is an extension of the popular Skyblock map which has been reworked specifically for the Hexxit modpack. The Hexxit modpack offers many new recipes and mechanics that allowed me to change the classic Skyblock into a very different map. This map can be used as a good introduction to the differing mods that make up the Hexxit modpack. Discover new types of trees Grow and eat different foods Run from and be eaten by different mobs Visit the Twilight Forest dimension Create new alloys in the smeltery Grow Biomass and Living Metal Hide from falling Meteors all while trying not to fall to your death Instead of using a list of challenges, this map uses the Complete the Monument (CTM) style of challenge. You will need to obtain 16 different types of blocks to finish the monument. You can peek at the types of blocks needed below, but this map is best played keeping that a secret until you discover the monument. Download: http://www.mediafire...xitSkyblock.ZIP How to install: You will need to start Hexxit at least once to create the directory structure needed. Hexxit is available through the technic launcher. Instructions and downloads are available here: Once that has occured you can unzip the HexxitSkyblock.ZIP file into this location: %appdata%.technicmodpackshexxitsaves Your starting island The Twilight island The Nether island Go to the original post at to see the Monument goals spoiler.