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  1. If you find that the server should be down, posting a ticket at support.omniworldmc.com informs us admins right away and we'll do our best to get it back online as fast as we can!
  2. A few players have had problems with how to set up their own shops. I've updated the description to include how to set up shops
  3. We've had a lot of new players log in and the server is keeping up so far. If you find anything that doesnt feel free to notify any mod or admin ingame! List of Admins: w00lly Kirresson omnixius
  4. Server IP: hexxit.omniworldmc.com Homepage: hexxit.omniworldmc.com We're a new Hexxit server offering you PVP, Factions and an Economy with playershops. Faction territory is protected against griefing, also you can lock chests. Our staff is experienced and will try to help you with any questions. Rules: No cheating/hacked client. No bug/glitch abuse. No spamming chat. Keep chat clean, no profanity and excessive swearing. We reserve the right to take down builds that have a bad impact on server performance. Join us at hexxit.omniworldmc.com! Shops: To create a shop at the market, place a sign on the block in front of a chest. The lines should look like this: 1st line: [shop] 2nd line: Amount you want to sell 3rd line: Price you want to set 4th line: If you want to create a selling shop leave the line empty. If you want to create a buying shop type "buy" (without the "") After that you just punch the newly created shop with the item you want to sell. For selling shops you'll also have to stock the chest of the shop with the item you want to sell.
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