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  1. I've tried all kinds of different combinations of settings and have actually looked up external graphics cards just for the hell of it. It comes down to my computer not being built for this kind of thing. Thanks for the help anyways and sorry for the misleading title.
  2. It has 8 GB and I've set it to as high as 6 at a time but there's really not much I can do at this point. Is there any way I can have a graphics card installed?
  3. When I first bought it and also when I posted this thread, I was led to believe there was another graphics card on board. But as I looked more into the specs of this, I was obviously wrong. And yes, I understand its not 'high performance.' That was my mistake
  4. It says I have the same version as you. Java 7 Update 51 (64-bit)
  5. It is running windows and currently I'm running the windows 64 bit java.
  6. While I have a 64 bit os, I've tried both 64 and 32 bit java to see if there was a problem there and nothing changed. Is there anything specific you recommend switching my graphics card to?
  7. I currently own a Vaio F series laptop. It has an i7, 8 GB of ram, 1 TB hard drive, and an IntelĀ® HD Graphics 4000 card, yet I can only peak at about 15 FPS while playing vanilla. It is the same when I run minecraft through the regular launcher as well as the technic launcher. Can someone please help me? I've changed all the in-game settings for high performance, and I've also adjusted the priority to high in the task manager. While it isn't necessarily "high" performance, I should still be able to get a higher frame rate, right?
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