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  1. Update: More players have been playing daily! Did some glitch patching and more! Come join
  2. Update: There was a gamemode glitch - So a semi-reset took order. If you lost anything big or important post on the forums!
  3. -- UPDATE: Patched Dupes/Glitches Currently our website www.tekkit.drgpvp.com is under development, and I was in need of a temporary website.. So for now, to find the banned items list, use www.drtforums.enjin.com <--- FIND BANNED ITEMS LIST + DONATIONS
  4. Nacholover 77 YOU HAVE BEEN UNBANNED. Sorry for the inconvenience. I had no idea that, that could happen. I will be fixing IMMEDIATELY. So come back on!
  5. Thats right, the outright best, newest server has come in the form of Darkrealm Tekkit IP: Our Website: http://www.tekkit.drgpvp.com (WEBSITE NOT COMPLETE) Lets cut to it: What does Darkrealm Tekkit have to offer YOU? Implementation of the Factions plugin Chill, laid back staff and community Freedom to do whatever you want EXCEPT dupe or hack We are not pay to win, a nice feature A committed, experienced Owner Diverse economy to play a role in Banned items limited only to exploits/dupes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our community has been around since January of 2014, we are back and better than ever - bringing you an all out PvP Tekkit Classic server that aims to please like no server ever has before! On our server, you will see all the features listed above, as well as many more! On DRT, you are allowed to PvP freely, griefing is enabled for now, just to see how the public reacts to it. The name of the game here is maximum fun, no downsides. There is no doubt that DRT will keep you interested for weeks and months to come, with new content and implementations of new ideas all the time! So what are you waiting for? Come on down and experience what DRT has to offer! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quickly: Our Hardware We are hosted on a Dedicated Server Our CPU clocks in at 3.4 ghz We have 3GB of DDR3 RAM (Dedicated, not shared) We are saved on a SSD We have unmetered, unlimited bandwith We have BARELY ANY LAG Whatsoever!
  6. http://gyazo.com/1d13db404ba42caa6a08c40f3bd029a6 I get this error while running my server why?