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  1. IDCTEKKIT Server is now looking for members. The server is whitelisted with 17 open slots left. NO banned items the rules are very simple: - No griefing - No pvp (except in pvp areas) - No stealing - No hacks or taking advantage of Tekkit bugs. - Never ask to be op'ed - Must use teampspeak -Must respect Others and there builds -Must be mature player post an app on here: IGN: Age(limit 16 and up): Years playing minecraft: Experience with modded minecraft: Why you want to join us: Do you have teamspeak and a headset(required): you can also find me on my teamspeak server ts.idcdayz.com:9269 as <[iDC]> The King (usually in the admin channel, ask an IDC member to move you)
  2. Hello Everyone, I have recently got a tekkit lite server up and running and I'm looking for some people to help me manage it. The main thing i need help with is what pluggins to have running on the server. If anyone is interested in helping a new server grow, send me a message or find me on my TeamSpeak server: ts.idcdayz.com:9269 username <[iDC]> The King. (I can usually be found in the admin channel) e-mail: [email protected]
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