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  1. Server IP - Mods Removed: Dimensional Doors - Because it generates to many new worlds which over time crash the server Banned Items: Ender Bow - Crashes Chocobo Saddle Bag - Duping Bag's - Duping Bane Of Pigs - OP Meteor Summoners - Griefing Lumber Axe - Crashing Chocobo / Freezarite Armour - No Cost To Enchant Capsules - Grief Description This server is a follow up from a old factions server that I used to have. Due to high demand to relaunch the server, I decided to. The server is currently very new and quite buggy. But hopefully over the next couple of days we will smoothen out the bugs to bring you the best Hexxit + Factions Experience you can get! Server Specs Our server is one of the few bungeecorded hexxit servers around. Which if you don't know it basically means that the server is lots of different servers combined, which gives you the best experience to spread out the players and try and make it as lag free and user friendly as possilbe! <3
  2. Just download technic launcher then get attack of the BTeam, then try and join c:
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