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  1. Arcadian is a war community server where you can team up with other players and over take and destroy everyone else to become the most powerful and richest faction on the server. The server will grow over time! Loyal players will be reward for staying loyal and playing regardly! Donations will help ever so much and there are many rewards that come with it too!! NO BANNED ITEMS AT THE MINUTE! Rules: -don't dupe -don't spam -don't advertise -don't grief or damage spawn or any warps or staff made building -be nice to all staff JOIN NOW!!!! more slots coming soon! IP Address
  2. IP: Server Rules: no duping, hacking or cheating no advertising or spamming no lying to any staff dont damage spawn or any warps no asking for ranks or items Banned items: minions dubstep gun advanced genetics (genes that cause damage) flans guns in spawn only Owner: lI1b0rk1nz Staff: TheManOfTeal Info: Arcadian is a place where you can build and make friends or enemy's! you raid what you find and also grief too! Make or join a faction and start wars! what ever makes you happy come and do it on Arcadian!
  3. Arcadian has been updated and has got more slots too! join now to join our community! Friendly staff, friendly players! We love all our players old and new so why dont you join our team now! Owner: lI1b0rk1nz Staff: pokell, silentpeople! WE WANT YOU! join now! IP:
  4. About: Arcadian is a growing server aspiring to be even bigger! PvP Raid and Grief are allowed also we have factions! join now to become part of the community! Owner: lI1b0rk1nz Staff: Pokell, rowan709 *new spawn is being built at the minute* IP: JOINNNN NOWWWW!
  5. About the server: Arcadian is a small community server looking to expand where you're either friends or enemys! PvP is a main theme on this server and also i say what you find is what you keep! Staff are still working on the server as it's still in beta. All donations will go towards the server. 32 slots now Expect in the not so far future: more slots factions claim drop partys ranks and much more! Staff: Owner: lI1B0rk1nz admins: Pokell, rowan709, zombier_killer Ip: JOIN NOW!
  6. join my raid, pvp, grief server! join now and become the most powerful! only rules don't dupe and don't spam or spawn kill! apart from that do what you want! what you find is what you keep!! IP: ****JOIN NOW****
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