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  1. i got super mixed up in what u said and confused because im pretty much stupid but eventually i dont know how) i got my world back with my stuff and my morphs!!!! Thank you so much!!!
  2. I was playing on my B-Team world and i was fling back from a mining trip abnd my world just crashes and i thought well it isn't a big deal i'll just get back on but no, my world got DELETED! I dont know how to put worlds onto my B-Team game so i need help. i tried putting my backup into the saves file but it doesn't have the world on it when i run attack of the bteam please HELP!
  3. I'm so proud of myself... :):):)
  4. i think i figured it out... Alright now stick with me, restart your computer. now go into your files and type in %appdata% and go into the .technic folder. From there delete the Attack Of the B-Team Folder. You will lose your worlds unless you go into the saves folder from the attack of the bteam folder and backup your world.
  5. lol i thought the message messed up
  6. yep i almost did ive never waited that long for something. i guess the harder it was to get it the more i wanted it lol.
  7. Sinner gaming, _frag, And the_strategist were helping me by listening to me complain so thank you guys.
  8. I am on page 5 6 and 7 getting stuck on stuff.
  9. It took me 4 hours to download and I was sitting there watching the website at 2:59:59! Lol!
  10. Once you get past tropicraft it's smooth sailing'. Had fun with your mod pack!
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