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  1. ‚Äč Yes I did. Turns out, from what I've read, that if one or more energy conduits is chunkloaded and the rest aren't, it causes issues. I recently hooked up a quarry through tesseracts and energy conduits. However, I completely removed the offending quarry, energy conduits, and tesseract with no success. EDIT: When I re-open the world in MCEdit, the blocked that were removed are immediately returned. :I What the hell?
  2. Me and a few friends have been playing on an off-site Tekkit server (done through the Multicraft panel, hosted by GGServers.net). It's been running for about 3 months now with no problem, until now. The server just died. It crashed while we were on it, and now when it starts up, everything's fine till it says it crashed in the Commands panel. Here's the crash report: http://pastebin.com/y1RpcjLz I'd assume it has something to do with Thermal Expansion. What can be done? I've tried deleting the thermal expansion jar from the mods folder and re-uploading it, and that didn't work. I backed up our world folder and am currently re-uploading the launcher, I'll post results. Otherwise, any help please?
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