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  1. Is there a way to patch the frezarite enchant glitch? they can get a sword like this with no xp at all I reverted to the vanilla enchantment table but people mad cause they cant repair stuff. Should I just ban frez stuff or idk.. Im hopin theres a fix.
  2. Ok it seems to be good now, But I dont know what the heck was going on.
  3. For some reason I cant place starstone blocks anymore and I have no idea why. Anyone have any idea why? I like just placed some a half an hour ago and now it wont let me? Weird. Oh and this is on my server. When I gave a starstone block to someone else, a regular member, they could place it no problem, and I could place it at their house and stuff, but when I try to place it where im building and even outside the worldguard region it wont let me, so Im not sure what the issue is...
  4. Ok so how do you set perms for the nether cause it shows as DIM-1 and i cant find where to set perms for that...
  5. What plugin do you recommend to ban these? And do you mean enderman or enderdragon or both? for head
  6. You use multiverse for this right? multiple worlds
  7. Nvm someone can close this now, I found my solution, it wasnt worldguard at all. It was worldedit, wasnt right version and wasnt working with wg. xD
  8. What version of worldguard do you use? Because when I do region flag spawn mob-spawning deny it wont work, says set, but mobs keep appearing
  9. So I tried setting up worldguard on my hexxit server but it doesnt seem to be working? is hexxit unable to run worldguard?? If so what plugin should I use instead.
  10. The entire world resets? or theres a way to reset the dungeons?
  11. Im just wondering because eventually most stuff will get looted right? do most servers have two maps one for looting one for homes or..how do they usually fix an issue like that?
  12. What are the commonly banned items in hexxit? I tried googling for some but all varied, so figured I would ask here. Been considering making a server for it but just curious what the commonly banned items were and why. If anyone can help that would be much appreciated
  13. The spawn looks amazing, theres a great shop, the class system is nice, the owner is friendly,and the community is nice. But its a shame I can hardly play because of how laggy the server is. :/
  14. Where can I find a version of LWC for tekkit, well, the plugin that locks furnaces and machines and whatnot when placed, which I assume is LWC. I downloaded the 4.1 and 4.2 versions off bukkit but they dont recognize tekkit items... EDIT:: NVM GOT IT. Please lock this as I found my error, thanks.
  15. But like I said earlier "When I did this it gave me a bunch of errors in the console and wont let me connect to the server. Odd." So im not sure why, if I give you a pastebin of the errors would you be able to figure out why or no? http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=V6Wk8hau Also, only the ones that say "WARNING: You must set this before you ever create your world file or you may corrupt player inventories and your world." Are the ones I need to do before starting up the server, and the rest I can do by just stopping editing and turning back on the server, correct?
  16. If im using hosting from somewhere, and they have the server.properties setup with the settings so it runs on there ip port and whatnot can I just leave that and use the other files from your zip? or do I need to take something from the server.properties in the server+plugins.zip and change something else in the one they have? And. If im going to have nukes disabled/banned, do I still need to change the power of them in the config files? When I did this it gave me a bunch of errors in the console and wont let me connect to the server. Odd.