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  1. I ended up running a couple of portable tanks connected via liquiduct to my smeltery tank and that made it easier to keep lots of lava stored.


    This is the method that I also have used. Its the easiest to get working with any amount of lava over 8 buckets. Tanks and glass won't transfer between eachother even if stacked. I am unsure whether you can pull it from the glass. An easy test would be to set it up on a creative server and check. Let us know the results if you do. 

  2. Not one mushroom, but one Mooshroom Trophy attached to this system can produce 360 RF per tick infinitely. You actually get a little more but adding a third generator only sort of works. Any additional input would tip this over to a third easily. Three of these set ups could run 7 generators. I'm unsure if 2 of this set up could run 5 or not. 


    EDIT: Pics now there for viewing pleasure

  3. Welcome to the latest innovation in power generation. Mooshroom Power. With the recent decline in magma generators and the massive data destruction caused by bugged or exploit methods of power production, Steve's everywhere have been wondering how to produce power in Attack of the B-Team. Look no further!


    The Gist:

    Mooshroom trophy generates mushrooms for your BioFuel Generator.


    The Setup:

    You use an Open Blocks Mooshroom trophy on top of 3x3 Mycelium or dirt in a darkened room. Underneath the trophy is an Autonomous Activator. It clicks the trophy and 8 brown mushrooms appear on the surrounding blocks. A Harvester collects the mushrooms and sends it to a BioReactor turning it into Biofuel, which connects to two BioFuel Generators. Place a Null under the Harvestor if you don't use sludge. The only thing that requires power is the Harvestor and that is minimal to upkeep. Whole set up takes up about 9x2x18 and generates ~360 RF per tick. 



    The main problem here is getting the Mooshroom Trophy. All other materials are readily obtainable and with the manual input of the first 8 mushrooms requires no outside input. An Auto-Spawner or a Breeder/Grinder are your best method of obtaining the trophy. This probably means that it won't be your first power system. 



    Small self maintained free energry at 360 RF per tick.

    Can be used in conjunction with other biofuel farms to get better efficiency. 

    Infinite Brown Mushroom if you need it for something. 



    Hard to get trophy

    Probably won't be your first set up

    Constant mooing near setup. 



    The Trophy on the Autonomous Activator.





    The Harvester and reactors





    Note: Space can be saved in the harvester set-up. This is the easiest way to display it. 


    The entire set up




  4. Being a very amature server admin for a B-Team server. What kind of load are we talking about? The smaller hopper chunk loader, like the 7x7 above uses less chunks then a single player in the game does. I figured the resources used to load the chunks would be about the same as that required if a player was about and had those chunks loaded.

  5. from what I've read the vanilla chunk loader using hoppers does load entities in any chunk that is surrounded by at least 2 more that don't load entities. for instance.  


    xxxxx               xxxxxxx

    xxxxx               xxxxxxx

    xxoxx      or     xxoooxx

    xxxxx               xxoooxx

    xxxxx               xxoooxx




    where o would be the loaded chunk. Has this changed at some stage? 


    At the moment I'm using a poppet shelf to start the load and hoppers to keep it going. 

  6. Looking for some information on the Minefactory Reloaded Chunk Loader. I can't find any on the internet, apparently my google-fu is letting me down. Is there any issues with the block? Does it require power? can it be upgraded like some other minefactory stuff to load more than one chunk? Any other general information would be great, or a link to a wiki page which has that info.

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