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  1. It specifically asked to update Tekkit and overwrote some files.
  2. I have both old and latest version players connecting to my server just fine. What changed?
  3. Memory usage is relatively massive and continues to rise. I notice the latest version of Computercraft (which I believe isn't in the current Tekkit vers) has a note, "fixed memory leak" - is this related? Anyone else experience a similar problem?
  4. Hey, thanks a lot for the info guys. Sod: What do you mean by, plugins that record block placement? I'm currently trying to see what else I can throw in the mix but I have a feeling compatibility will limit me to the standard Tekkit package. Is the BlockPlaceEvent issue relevant to plain Tekkit? If so, I found a thread (,4645.0.html) supposedly fixing the problem - is it still useful a month later? Yuriy: I noticed on quick inspection there are one-block logic gates which was great to see. I'm sure there's plenty more I'll like. Yeah, I like a struggle, haha. Could you elaborate, why disable forestry, the mining laser and quantum armour? (EE's already out of the picture). Forestry seemed rather intriguing actually. I'll certainly be going through the mod wikis to get a handle on things. Do you have any tips on getting my head around how everything works together? PS- Do you have any idea how compatible 'Better than Buildcraft' is? It'd be great to integrate some Better Than Wolves.
  5. Hey. I'm considering hosting a Tekkit server for myself and a few friends. It seems like the logical choice after getting into redstone in a big way last time I hosted a game. I wanted to ask, what do you think of the pack? Do the included mods have a consistent theme and do their functions seem to complement each other well? Are there any particular bugs I should keep an eye out for? Anything you feel is important to mention is appreciated. Cheers.