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  1. Welcome to NanoCraft. We are looking for members like you guys and Would love you to join are server.If you guys were to join are server are staff is thankful nice and amazing.We are looking for you guys to donate have fun and get along and play with each other.This is a greifing raiding and a pvp server. So have fun and come play with us. The Owner is a great person same with the co owner and the staff so come join and have fun. IP Play.Nano-Cft.org Play.Nano-Cft.org Play.Nano-Cft.org
  2. We are looking for Members and Donor. We Are a 3gb Server and have friendly staff. We love to have fun and make things on Tekkit Classic. Are Owners and Staff are in a great Mood most of the time. We Need members bad so the staff can have fun and help them more. One of the Owners are starting youtube and Loves to play minecraft and shooters and maybe once he gets a new computer he could play with some of you guys. The Ip Is Play.Nano-Cft.org have fun and enjoy the server. Thank you ~XxTheVikingsxX
  3. Come join Nano-cft.org We have good staff and such good players and plugins not much banned items rebuilding spawn and a lot much more.
  4. come join us we have good staff good players and more. We have good plugins and builds come join us we need members and donaters bad. ip:play.nano-cft.org