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  1. Thanks. That confirms my suspicion. I'll just get everyone to drop down to Java 7 until the Forge update. Hopefully, it comes out soon and the B-Team pack can be updated with it.
  2. For my friends, since updating to Java 8, Attack of the B-team, even though they're using the latest version, won't run without crashing. It just drops right to desktop and it doesn't leave a crash file or anything either. Using Java 7 causes no problem with us.
  3. I'm just curious because my friends updated to Java 8, making sure to update to the latest "Attack of the B Team" build that supposedly has the mod in it that makes it run with Java 8, and when they run it, the client will randomly crash. This is happening for each of them when they're starting single player worlds AND when they log onto my server (which is also updated to the latest B-Team version. So I'm assuming that there must be some kind of Java 8 problem? I'm using Java 7 still with no issues, but a lot of my other programs just went through updates and are starting to require me to
  4. Building a village and populating a village in survival from scratch at a location is no big deal, so that's not an issue and considering that we have the ONE naturally spawned village at our spawn (the only naturally spawned village on the whole map now because it was generated previous to this update), we at least have a supply of locked up villagers. So emerald trading isn't a problem. And they just started reproducing because I just found one of those necromancy ones running around the village that I had to safari net and lock up in a separate building due to their love of killing villag
  5. I'm the admin and I just cheated it in because I figured by all rights that by the amount of searching, we SHOULD have had it. BUT, I'm only allowing one. So it's only going to exist in our spawn village. We were lucky enough to start this map prior to updating to the new server update so we actually have "Flim Flam Town" from the official B-Team server which is kind of neat. But it's now the ONLY officially spawned village on our map so we now feel REALLY privileged to have it. Is there anything else that only spawns in the villages that I should spawn one of in besides the "Full Guar
  6. I found the answer to the topic. I didn't realize that they disabled village spawning due to chunk corruption in the new build. It's a shame. We explored our map out to 9000+ blocks in each direction looking for villages today. I hope they bring them back. I'm a completist and I want that "Full Guard" pattern in my Tinker's pattern chest!
  7. Okay. I saved the old map details into another folder and fixed it. It's kind of a pain, but we'll have to do it, I guess.
  8. I was playing on an "Attack of the B-Team" server for a long time and I had revealed a large portion of the map. I then started up a brand new server with a new map on another computer. What happened was that when I looked at the map, the new map was revealed and had all the waypoints of the other map on it. What happened? How do I fix this? And more importantly, how do I make sure that this doesn't happen to my players who log into it?
  9. I have a copy of the world but I completely deleted the entire Minecraft install and re-installed it.
  10. My wife has a world that she's been building on for months (and of course despite my telling her to keep backing it up, she never has). She went to load up the world today, was flying around and suddenly received an "Internal Server Error" that kicked her out. She then couldn't get back in, constantly getting an "Internal Server Error". So I reset the modpack, and the map re-loaded, but the navigation map that was supposed to be in the corner of the screen was nowhere to be found even when hitting "n". When the map reloaded, there was a LONG LIST of block ID mismatches. I then d
  11. I've completely followed all the instructions for Enhanced Portals 2. I've managed to get two locations to link up right. But every location I've tried to link up beyond this will NOT connect to the network even though I'm following the directions exactly. Is Enhanced Portals 2 buggy? I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. As far as I see, I'm setting up the dialers properly. Everything has the right address. I've followed several video tutorials exactly. But when I dial on these other connections, I either get a one way connection or get no connection despite them all having been set up
  12. I know that the seared tank is for holding lava fuel for the smeltery and if there are multiple tanks, the smeltery controller will then pull lava from the next available tank. My question is about Seared Glass which I know also holds lava. Can these be used in place of the seared tanks or placed on top of the tanks and still have the smeltery pull the lava from them like it would from the tanks? I got confused about this as the book just says that it acts like a container. I'm trying to figure out how to build my smeltery and I think it would look cool with the glass containing the lava g
  13. That's exactly what I needed to know. I'll just use it for thatch roofs and such. Thanks!
  14. My new build is going to be medieval city that's going to take up a small biome, and a huge castle is going to be up in the mountain range above it. I've done stuff like this in normal Minecraft, but this is the first time doing it with this mod pack and I'm REALLY gung-ho to see what kind of art I can create with everything you can do with this mod pack. My question is about the Carpenter's blocks. I LOVE the idea of building with these. But I also have a concern. If I build a dense city and huge castle entirely out of these blocks (I have no idea how much of a toll they take on a sys
  15. Of course, now that I have the task manager monitors open and I'm watching it, I can't get it to do it again. I'm even flying around over the most extreme and lag inducing terrain on my map (as well as trying to generate some in some of my dark spots). So. Who know what's going on. It didn't look like any of the other worlds were stealing the ram. The world is new and the other worlds aren't even generated yet (I'm gong to be in the Nether by the end of the week if all goes according to plan though! ) The only thing I'm seeing that's coming close to peaking on the monitors is the hard dr
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