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  1. Alright, thanks, but the morph mod is very important to me because of the bat form. Hopefully the modpack makers will fix this soon
  2. Alright, let me tell you my buggy story First time I log into attack of the b team, it works fine, I play survival for a while and then I log off. Next time I log on, my world will not load because of an error I fixed as a result of this forum. Then next time I try to get on it, and it does the exact same error for the entire game and the world itself. So I fixed that and then next time I log on it gives me this: Please help me fix these problems so they hopefully will not happen again! They just keep getting worse!
  3. arriej thank you kind sir, you have made my life easier. It worked and it running smoothly thanks apparently i still have all my items so i guess deleting the player file did nothing
  4. arriej Your solution did not work it still crashes when i load my survival world, but when i load my creative world, it loads smoothly and runs smoothly. The funny thing is, it was working fine until I updated the pack, so that might be worth something
  5. Whenever I log into my survival world, it says "Shutting down internal server..." and then shuts it down. Please help I have gotten too far in my world to start over again. Here is the error report HELP