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  1. Oh, and thanks for lettings this thread hit the Hot Topic! (Well it was)
  2. TOSU1, OptiFine cannot be added, the mod author does not like his mod in modpacks. But, due to Mojang's new rule that any Mod that is made for the pre-existed game, can be included without the author's consent.
  3. Well, FTB usually tends to have a magnitude more mods than Tekkit, and some people (Like me) cannot run FTB on their PC.
  4. I also forgot to add about the Thaumcraft 4 topic, there are really no decent modpacks with that mod.
  5. The makers of Optifine do not like their mod in modpacks, if you want to use it, just put it in yourself, because it's a lot less stress on the Tekkit guys trying to get permission. So, just look up a youtube video on how to install it, it ain't hard.
  6. I am aware of that, but I mean if you play on servers, plus, there may be ID conflicts.
  7. Hey guys, and, I know that there are a lot of mods that people want added, but, what are some PRACTICAL and POPULAR mods that you think need added? Now, I'm going to post 4 that I think may be useful. Tinkers' Construct; This is probably one of the best mods out there, who agrees? Tinkers' Mechworks: C'mon, you gotta admit, this would be useful beyond reasoning. Thaumcraft 4; It adds so much content! Plus, it is one of the best mods of all time. MetaWords Mod; Archimedes' Ship Mod is just outdated, so is Redstone in Motion! C'mon, this would prevent crashes, which means a lot less fixing for t
  8. You can do the same with NEI, whilst in cheat mode, hit the X key. Plus, TMI doesn't show recipes. And if you go into cheat mode, you can use save slots. And NEI is a lot easier to install, because it uses Forge, if you use Modloader still, you must live under a rock. Modloader is for the people who don't know how to properly install Mods. Just search up a simple YouTube video and see how NEI is easier to install and is superior over TMI. And yes, TMI updates quicker, it's because it has less code that needs updated. NEI has quite a bit of code that usually takes tedious work to update. NEI -
  9. Have you made a really nice base and nowhere to post a SCREENSHOT? Do you want any MODS implemented that already aren't? Well this is the THREAD for you! Post any of these TOPICS here!
  10. Sorry about that! Didn't see the bug tracker. Thanks! I'll edit the title.
  11. Seen any BUGS on your client lately? Have you made a really nice base and want somewhere to post a SCREENSHOT? And have any MOD suggestions you would like implemented? Well this is the THREAD for you! Post any of these TOPICS here!
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