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  1. Update: Changed out Factions for Clans We now have a auction house in spawn!
  2. Updated to 1.0.9 ! To update, click the cogwheel next to the Attack of the B team pack, and select 'Use latest' !
  3. IP: Voltz.DGCgaming.com Join us now!
  4. Update 24/02/2014 - Spawn is now completely safe (No more dying from guns) - Added Witchery (ModPack Specific Donation Package) - Added Military (ModPack Specific Donation Package) - Fixed most stability issues - Upped slots from 20 -> 50
  5. Crashes seems to be non existent! We are currently running on 20TPS constantly, with over 25gb free ram!
  6. It does take time for the people to build us a custom specced server. Please understand that! However, your long wait is now over! the new IP can be found on top of the post!
  7. We are currently upgrading the server itself. It is estimated to be upgraded fully in 2-3 hours. Stay Tuned!
  8. ble ble bleh.... woke up now and rebooted it manually:P
  9. We seem to be receiving random crashes sometimes. and the Auto reboot after crash script failed to work properly one time. It's up now tho!
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