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  1. Ok, i see what's going on here. But first i want to apologize to you fps. You must have been real confused when i asked an incoherent question, and when you tried to help i jumped down your throat. so for that im sorry. tldr: it isn't supported in hexxit. I've played tinkers construct in other modpacks and stand alone, and when you click the molten metals in the controler they would switch places with the bottom layer. This would allow you to chose which metal you want to pour into a cast without draining the bottom layer off first. so there it is. Thanks for the help fps, i appreciate it.
  2. What do you think im "draining" them in to? Of course its going into casting basins and ingot casts. Do you think im making it up because i didnt use the word "pour" or mention casting basins. Sorry but the last post was only a nitpick and had nothing to do with the op.
  3. the smelter is assembled correctly and i can make tools with the smelted materials through casting tables and casts, but i have to "drain" the bottom layer off to get to the next layer up. edit: i am clicking on the liquid ores in the smelter controller gui.
  4. Dont think im doing anything wrong but ores in the smelter wont move to the bottom when i click them. Ive seen it done in countless videos, and ive tried left and right clicking along with shift, alt and ctrl clicking. So what am i doing wrong? Or is it bugged for other people as well?
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