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  1. Hello Since you have updated technicpack.net to your 2.0 version, I have been unable to login. On the original site, I always logged in using my username. Now, you require an email to login, and I didn't have one associated with my account. I know that you have two separate accounts on the forums and on the site, and the password resetter says Invalid Email. I apologize if this is in the wrong section, this is the best one I could find for it. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Thanks for that. Too bad its a 1.6.x modpack and most likely wont get updated to 1.7.
  3. Hi everyone I am really enjoying the new Attack of the B-Team modpack. Very fun to play. But I am finding that when I am teleporting to waypoints, my hunger level has an impact on where I can teleport to/how far I can go. When I do teleport from area to area, my hunger looks like it is spent. I would like to know if this is supposed to happen, or if it happens to anyone else. I've checked my configs for server and client and there is nothing in either of them that would indicate this theory. Thanks
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