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  1. Minecraft Name: samuel3498 Skype Name: samuel.3498 Age: 16 Experience with Attack of the BTeam! (1-10): 9 Favorite Mod: carpenter's blocks or microblocks Do you plan to record? possibly during the summer What do you like to do in Minecraft? BUILD. im a great builder with lots of experience in vanilla and modded minecraft Why do you want to be in this server? Because i've been playing AOTBT single player for a while and i decided it was time to join a community What else should we know about you? I've never been banned from a server before so no worries about greifing or stealing
  2. Ign: samuel3498 Age: 16 Location: New Hampshire, USA Why Would You Like To Join: Im a great builder and i would love to do community builds and make the server an overall beautiful looking place How Much Experience Have You Got In AOTBT: I've been playing single player since the release and i watch many lets-plays and tutorials What Mod Are You Best At: Definitley carpenters blocks and micro blocks, they are a builder's dream Skype: samuel.3498
  3. 1. Ign: samuel3498 2. Age:16 3. Skype: samuel.3498 4. Experience with AotBT?single player, watching youtubers 5. What mods are you going to focus on the most? building. im a really good builder 6. Do you have any projects in mind? fantasy villages in the mystic grove biome and an ice castle 7. Would you add/remove any rules? Do you agree with all the rules? i agree with all the rules but i would add that friendly criticizing is okay because it helps people improve in whatever theyre doing
  4. Wheneveri go to play from the technic launcher, it freezes at the minecraft loading menu and never brings me into the actual menu of minecraft. solutions?
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