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  1. Okay- I removed my MPS chest piece to charge it, and lo and behold, my pick tool worked normally again. Perhaps there was some strange interaction with all the tools and pieces that I reset by taking off the pieces.
  2. I've come into a problem recently with my power fist- The pickaxe tool, when active, will not always dig through blocks. While holding down the action, there will be a stuttering series of cracks on my target block, but it won't actually break. It's almost as if the power fist is acting like I'm rapidly clicking the block. I had a similar issue with the shovel tool, but powering that all the way down seemed to help. The only change to my overall game is that I've begun using chunk loaders (for pumping in nether lava, etc). I'm using tekkit 1.1.10. Has anyone had similar issues, or knows a workaround?
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