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  1. I think that I have it working now. I got rid of the extractor chips in all but the dump off chest. I have two rows of chest with the inner side being the drop off and the outer side being the request side. This most likely uses too many pipes then I need but it's working and I'm probably going to move the storage site. I think that the problem was the use of extractor chips. Thanks for the help! I can't get a screen shot to post in the forum and not use a URL.
  2. I've removed the extractor chips from the interface pipes but it kinda looks like the items don't want to go in even if the chest is completely empty, it might take awhile for the system to detect the change. When I put a junction pipe in the items wouldn't even try heading into the row of interface pipes that I have it connected to. How are the junction pipes meant to work?
  3. I'm having trouble with the project red pipes not putting stuff in the chest. I believe that I have the pipes sat up right yet all my stuff is staying in the pipes killing my FPS. Is there a bug with the pipes or does it just take a lot of time to put things away?
  4. I'm having trouble with project red's pipes killing FPS and it's always moving things around none stop and since the resent update objects can't move through a line of extraction pipes to feed a stack of chest.
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