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  1. IGN: Robandoban Age: 15 as of mid february. Skype: Robandoban Did I read the rules?: Yes Why do I want to join the server?: I would like to find a nice community of people to play and have fun with while I play. How much do I know about the modpack?: I know some of what is in the modpack. I know basic stuff like Tinkers' Construct, Advanced Genetics and a few other mods inside of the pack. Gender: male
  2. Any time I play the game and build something on my daughters world I use NEI and go into cheat mode. in both 1.0.9b and 1.0.9c cheat mode is just absolutely broken. it does what recipee mode should do. I'm really confused and have tried everything. help me please.
  3. When I try to play the modpack it loads up to a certain point and then says that it can't delete codechickenlib so it won't play. when I try and manually go to the folder and delete it, it says it is currently running in java and can't be deleted. What do I do?
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