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  1. After I open my world, It closes, then says, saving chunks, then goes to a light blue screen, and it stays like that, I don't know what causes this or if it is fixable, it's just that I've spent many hours on this world and would hate to have to start all over. World download (If you need any other files just ask)
  2. Well, it only happens on attack of the B-Team, any other mod pack is fine. Does attack of the B-Team need a different version of Java? They are all Minecraft, shouldn't they all use the same version?
  3. Never mind, I fixed it. For people with the same issue, restart your computer.
  4. When I try to open the launcher, the loading screen comes up, then java stops, closing the launcher. This just started happening today, 2/14/14.
  5. Every time I try to open Attack of the B-Team, it takes a long time to load, as if it is downloading the mod pack again. Then, after the mojang screen, it goes back to the launcher, the launcher acts like nothing ever happened. What is going on? Thanks! -Epicreeper101
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