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  1. How can i get whitelisted? Sorry I didn't see this. You can get whitelisted by applying on our server website, found here: http://www.north-craft.com/aotbteamapp
  2. The North-Craft Network is over two years old and consists of an Attack Of The B-Team server, an Vanilla (Regular Minecraft) server, as well as an Direwolf20 (FTB) modpack server. We created our Attack Of The B-Team server this year in the month of February. We know what we are doing and we have friendly, experienced, and dedicated staff members. On all of our servers we try our best to have the best community possible and have no lag whatsoever. Not to mention that all of our servers have a no-griefing policy as well as PvP disabled, so if you enjoy those types of servers, then our commun
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