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  1. Additional info: Windows 7, 64 bit User Java: 1.7.0_45 32bit 1.6.0_45 32bit System Java: 1.7.0_45 32bit
  2. Is this normal? It took me more than half an hour for this pack to download. Now when it finished and I tried making a world on "Biomes'O Plenty" world type, world loaded, ran with about 30 fps and then froze up, again worked for a second or two and again froze up. It kept lagging like this until I found Pikachu, then I just ragequit because of the lag spike, because I couldn't hit him. My RAM is 6GB, in my opinion it is enough, it's even too much, but well, Minecraft = Rammonster. I switched everything to the lowest and changed the world type to default, but without luck. Game still runs exactly with the same performance, the only difference is that it now looks more ugly than before. Btw, my game runs even better with GLSL Shaders than it does with this beastly pack... D:
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