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  1. Craft Builder Proudly Presents, Please note that this post will no longer be updated. Please visit the Minecraft Forums Link. Thank You. You've heard stories about mages, how they pull out their hands and make fire come out of the tips of their fingers, how they scream at the earth and make the ground shake the mountains, how they invent the most amazing machines and float in the air. They're all the same, majestic, genius, creative, and most especially, powerful. If a warrior wearing the best crafted armor on and holding the best enchanted sword on came to challenge an average
  2. Can you say how you made the file? That would be useful. For your use, I'll put how I made my modpack. I made a folder on my desktop named modpack, but you can name it anything. Then I created 3 folders inside of it, config, mods, and bin. then I downloaded the necessary forge version, (by the way, did you check to make sure all your mods were the same version?) and added it to the folder. You might want to make sure not to run it. I then renamed the forge "modpack". I added all my mods into the "mods" folder I made, then put the forge installer (now named "modpack") into the bin folde
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