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  1. It's possible, but each of the 9 collectors feeds 4 of the sealers on an individual line and has an oxy storage unit in the line at the top that have remained full. All the collectors output a minimum of 1800/sec. The latest version of the array, the "tree of life" setup with all the sealers towards the top center of the dome failed to seal at first and then started to blink on and off. Am now going to work on smaller domes until I understand the in and outs of sealing larger areas a bit better.
  2. Thanks for your thoughts. ATM the floor is perfectly flat and there are 9 oxy collectors in a very large leaf block, ea collector puts out a minimum of 1800/sec and feeds 4 sealers so those aspects are covered. Seeing as the floor isn't working for me, I'm gonna go for the top middle idea you suggest. Build the array towards the top/center of the dome, maybe make the whole package into a fake giant oak, sorta a "Tree of Life" thing. We'll see how that goes. Again, thank you for your suggestions and thoughts.
  3. Whelp, here is V.4 of the sealer array, It didn't even seal. I thought maybe that 36 wasn't cutting it because I excavated quite a bit under everything to place redstone cells as power buffers and oxy tank gizmos to act as O2 buffers, so I added an additional 4 sealers for a total of 40. No go, guessing they aren't close enough to act collectively. bah and meh.
  4. The first version did utilize some oxygen storage units as a buffer, they remained full even after the system went kaput. I haven't done any energy buffers, the arrays currently use tessaracts connected to the space stations main reso energy cell. I will attempt this in the next version. Here's a screenie of version 2: Here's a shot of Version 3 (the latest) which failed to seal at all, perhaps the arrays are too far apart to recognize each other and work in conjunction. Version 4 will have the arrays closer to each other and I will include both oxy and energy buffers in an a
  5. The first version stopped working while I was in the overworld but I had gone back and forth several times and even logged out and in while it stayed working. The second version died right before my eyes, I was inside the dome figuring where I wanted to put some scenery and my test cow went "mmmmmmrrrrrr....ack" I turned to look and saw some raw meat and leather floating in the "air", looked at the O2 detector and it was off. I had left and returned to that version several times as well, being gone for as long as 2 hours before returning.
  6. Well, I picked up the whole array and moved it to the center of the dome, 36 sealers spread out in a grid, powered by 9 collectors blah blah blah (sorry, quite frustrated). Once again, it worked fine for about 5-6 hours and then just went kaput. I may just give up on it for the moment, 'tis a shame, it was a nice dome. Kalbintion, I appreciate your feedback and suggestions and may try to spread them out even further when I can get motivated to work on it again. they currently occupy a 16x16 area in the center of the dome and are rapidly diminishing the remaining space available for the more cr
  7. Well, I added an additional 6 sealers and a couple of collectors, the seal blinked on and off a couple times and then went to unsealed again. I'm now wondering if maybe the overall position of the array matters. I may move the whole thing to the center of the dome to see if that matters.
  8. I do have an oxy detector hooked to some projectred lanterns via some red alloy wire, they show no oxygen atm. My math says that 30 was the minimum for sealers, that's why I went 32 as a bit of a buffer, I will add 4 more and see if that makes any impact. I do thank you for your suggestions and appreciate you trying to help me out. I also started with 30 sealers in 2 rows of 15, they would seal for about 10 minutes and then "blink" on and off for about 2 minutes, then seal again. I thought that being next to each other was affecting the seal so I switched to the new design with the spacing. No
  9. No sir, no changes were made to config files/server/modpack. One minute it was working fine, the next not. It is very strange and quite frustrating. The server is running 1.0.10a which I realize is not recommended quite yet, but it did seal for 6 hours.
  10. Greets, I've got a question and need some input. I built a dome in space, completely sealed off and independent from my space station, entry via an enhanced portal. The dome is 45 blocks in diameter and contains 32 oxygen sealers. Each array of 4 sealers is fed by an oxygen collector generating a minimum of 1600 o2/sec. It all worked fine and dandy for about 6 hours, then it just stopped. I went and disabled/re-enabled the sealers, I even pulled them all out and replaced them, but they are still unsealed, they all have power and oxygen going to them and I made no changes to the structure of t
  11. The server is set to whitelist atm because kyllingman2 is making changes and doing maintenance. It should be back to normal in a few hours. legendaryempire (dot) net has the info and update status.
  12. I spent several hours experimenting with this type of set-up. I could never get the broadcast chips to communicate with a retrieval pipe through a tesseract. I don't think it's possible. If I'm wrong and someone knows of a way, I too, would love to know.
  13. Cool, will wait for the technic boys to hammer it out. Thanks for taking the time to try to fix it and keeping us updated. So it doesn't get lost in the OMG fix it NOAW mayhem, I did apply for member status a few posts ago (muuuuustttttt expand).
  14. No luck logging in. Appears to be FlansMod related now, something about entityplane. here's the latest crash log: http://pastebin.com/eAgjgLmJ . Appreciate that you are working on it. Sucks that you need to spend time doing this.
  15. A brief update, I was able to log on (thanks, it gives me hope), I warped to spawn and flew off, about 30-40 blocks from spawn, I saw a dragon in a fenced area, just as it popped up, *boop* booted to launcher. Bummed I read that you removed the Dragon Mount mod, maybe you need to go a step further and remove the existing dragons. I'm sure that you're working hard on it, keep the faith. Crash report: http://pastebin.com/D65fHVdN
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